About us

"Rapp Zastava, formerly known as “Zastava Masine” has a remarkably long tradition and represents well respected name in the field of overhaul and production of tool machines and equipment. The company was founded as a part of a Gun foundry, a century and a half ago, in 1853, as a unit for maintenance and overhaul of military industry machines and equipment. During its further development, the Zastava Masine factory produced and developed the products for the needs of automotive industry, coal mines, electric industry and others. Also, important fact is that Zastava Masine were mainly working for Zastava Group. Electronically controlled deep drilling and broaching machines of own design, as a part of a production portfolio at that time, were sold to domestic and foreign market customers. Special equipment, accessories, transporters, reducers and spare parts were produced for the needs of electric industry and coal mines. Significant quantity of the products was exported to the market of Western Germany. Zastava Masine also produced wide range of universal conventional tool machines.

Rapp Marine Group, worldwide known company, which portfolio includes developing winches, cranes, and other deck machinery for the marine and offshore oil & gas industries, bought Zastava Masine in October 2006 and renamed it into “Rapp Zastava”. In October 2014 production facility of Rapp Zastava, was moved from Kragujevac to the new location in Gruža, in the newly built factory with the latest manufacturing equipment and capabilities. The main products of Rapp Zastava are winches and deck machinery, but there are also products such as machines (mining equipment, special machines and equipment, deep drilling machines, broaching machines), tools, spare parts, all of that upon the request of the customer. Most important information about the new production complex of Rapp Zastava are:

  • 10 000 m² total roof coverage;
  • 9 100 m² production area;
  • 9 100 m² production area;
  • 40 000 m² land.
  • 180 employees;
  • Most modern CNC equipment for mechanical machining;
  • Sandblasting, Zinc-metalizing and painting;
  • Equipment for control of parts and welded structures;
  • Products static and dynamic test stand;
  • Cranes (max lifting capacity 32 t);
  • Central warehouse for spare parts;
  • Customs warehouse;
  • ISO 9001-2015 Certificate.